In the very near future I will be reopening under a new name!

Check back soon to learn more 🙂


No! I am alive!

How many times have I said that?

UGH. Things. Got. Crazy.

School. Work. Home life. Dealing with grief.

I stopped drinking. I stopped my other awful vice.

I’m slowly getting back to the person I once was. And I want to keep this blog, badly. In my great grandmother’s trunk, I have a whole pile of clothes for my Etsy. And as soon as I’m done bringing my grades and my morale up to speed, I’ll get right on it.

I promise.

Off the Bandwagon

As of last night, I deactivated my facebook.

In the past month, it has done nothing but bring me bad news. I am a happy, stable, non-destructive person for the first time in my life. It was bringing me down, and who needs that?

Also, its such a time waster! Maybe now I’ll get things done!

I may make another page strictly for this blog, but I’m not sure.

I’m embarking on my Christmas vacation! I’m going to get photos done, keep working out, fix some of my design spreads for portfolio, and make some decisions. It’s like New Years resolutions but early. Tomorrow is my last day of the quarter. I’m excited! It was a hard quarter and I’m honestly not sure how well I did but I think I brought up a lot of my grades towards the end. The only class I’m truly worried about is Collateral design, and it’s my fault for taking that alongside Portfolio. BAD decision.

I may try to get some photos today, if possible. I desperately need to update my Etsy.

That’s all for now…update again soon!

Deep Apologies and Sadness

Once again I have not updated in a long time.

Tragedy has struck my life. My best friend Landon Hill died suddenly of Meningitis while studying abroad in Spain.

He was the smartest, wittiest, and most hilarious person I knew. We had a deep friendship that I thought would last forever. Not that it ended, but I always imagined he’d come back from Spain, and we’d go to Starbucks, and he’d tell me all about it.

I remember the day we met and the crush he had on me, and then the crush I had on him after he got over me. I kissed him anyway at the movies. Then he realized he wasn’t quite straight…Oh Landon 🙂

The night this was taken, the lady who took it for us said he was my knight in shining armor.

After I moved back from Illinois, he drove all the way to get to me.

GDit I miss him. I didn’t get to say goodbye. Neither did his family. Or anyone, really. No one knew he had it. Not even him. It’s hard to wrap my mind around the fact that we’ll never see each other again. I can’t hug him, feel his warmth and life and hold onto him like a rock before I plunge into a serious anxiety attack (like I used to).

Going out to breakfast, swimming at night, his voice…I hope he’s in a safe, healthy place now.

Goodbye Landon. I miss you so much, as do we all, and we all love you so so so so much. I will see you on the other side someday. Look down on us and smile ❤

Shoes and Jewelry

I finally got around to updating my shop a bit, with a pair of shoes and a necklace from the 80s!

Yup…and I really hope to have my clothes up soon. But it’s been difficult finding people to help me.

Also at the end of the month I will be involved in a move to a new apartment, so that will be a bit stressful…

Anyways, Happy Wednesday!

Busy Busy Busy

This quarter started and quickly turned into a fiasco of constant business.

I didn’t want to take a hiatus from this blog but I was almost forced to! But I am going to try to update more.

Basically, I STILL haven’t been able to get photos of my new items. I guess maybe my expectations are too high: I want models for the clothes instead of just taking pictures of them hanging up or laid out. However I have failed for months to find someone willing to help me out so, I’m going to try and find another method that is just as successful.

Things are ridiculous. I have failed at finding a job and I am seriously in trouble money-wise. I’m trying to move into a two bedroom apartment with a friend of mine, but it’s taking forever and it is VERY expensive. The “q” key on my keyboard popped off and only works when I press it very hard. And my teacher for this class is…I cannot understand a word she says.

All that aside, I plan on making big changed in my life for my health and well being. I feel good about a transformation.

Also, in turn with finding a new way to display my items, I’m going to be working on a Halloween scarf (orange and black). I’m trying to decide on a pattern. Should I do stripes, solid with flowers, or something else?


I haven’t been around.

I started school and a new job. Life has been busyyyyy.

I promise to start posting regularly again as soon as I can…to my very few readers!

I’m also about to embark on a move so…yeah, things are crazy.