Music Review: Kyle Lindley

I’ve mentioned my good friend Kyle (The guy with the chicken on his head in my last Pickens post) in a couple posts. I am truly blessed to have Kyle as a friend because not only is he incredibly kind with a good heart, but he is a talented musician.

Many people have nicknamed Mr. Lindley as “Woody Bob”, as his music is heavily influenced by Bob Dylan and Woody Guthrie (among many others). It is refreshing to hear pure music like his in a world overrun by generic carbon copies of the same sound. In my opinion, the best part about Kyle’s music is that you can tell just by listening how much heart and soul he puts into every single note, lyric, and melody.

The first time I heard his music, I was not expecting so much talent. My ears had been sullied by kids who think that just because they can pick up a guitar, they’re the next big thing. Then I met Kyle Lindley and knew all was not lost. Since I met him in early 2010, he has escalated from open mic nights to regular shows, mainly around the Wilmington area, since that is where he now resides. Recently he opened for a band at a very well known venue called Amos’ here in Charlotte. He has one album out, called Sideways Highways, and is currently working on another.

Both videos posted are two of his originals, but he also plays an enjoyable amount of covers, like this one:

He also has a ReverbNation page, with fourteen of his songs listed. To get there, please click HERE!! And feel free to contact him if you would like to book him, obviously.


4 responses to “Music Review: Kyle Lindley

  1. Woody Bob indeed. Thank you for capturing the essence and spirit of Kyle Lindley. He is one of the most talented musicians ANYWHERE, and he is genuine and kind. I videotaped Tin Roof and the Dylan cover, and am always amazed by his ability to write and sing from the heart. A FABULOUS FOLK MUSICIAN. I am so proud and grateful to call him FRIEND.

    • I am so happy to call Kyle my friend knowing how talented and truly unique he is. The only issue I have with him is that he doesn’t come up to Charlotte much anymore =P Anyway, I really appreciate your comment. Before I deleted my facebook I saw that you are one of Kyle’s close friends, and I’m honored that you read my blog! And I apologize for using the videos without permission, but thank you so much for recording them and helping the world hear the magic that is Kyle Lindley!

      Happy Holidays!

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