Busy Busy Busy

This quarter started and quickly turned into a fiasco of constant business.

I didn’t want to take a hiatus from this blog but I was almost forced to! But I am going to try to update more.

Basically, I STILL haven’t been able to get photos of my new items. I guess maybe my expectations are too high: I want models for the clothes instead of just taking pictures of them hanging up or laid out. However I have failed for months to find someone willing to help me out so, I’m going to try and find another method that is just as successful.

Things are ridiculous. I have failed at finding a job and I am seriously in trouble money-wise. I’m trying to move into a two bedroom apartment with a friend of mine, but it’s taking forever and it is VERY expensive. The “q” key on my keyboard popped off and only works when I press it very hard. And my teacher for this class is…I cannot understand a word she says.

All that aside, I plan on making big changed in my life for my health and well being. I feel good about a transformation.

Also, in turn with finding a new way to display my items, I’m going to be working on a Halloween scarf (orange and black). I’m trying to decide on a pattern. Should I do stripes, solid with flowers, or something else?


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