Off the Bandwagon

As of last night, I deactivated my facebook.

In the past month, it has done nothing but bring me bad news. I am a happy, stable, non-destructive person for the first time in my life. It was bringing me down, and who needs that?

Also, its such a time waster! Maybe now I’ll get things done!

I may make another page strictly for this blog, but I’m not sure.

I’m embarking on my Christmas vacation! I’m going to get photos done, keep working out, fix some of my design spreads for portfolio, and make some decisions. It’s like New Years resolutions but early. Tomorrow is my last day of the quarter. I’m excited! It was a hard quarter and I’m honestly not sure how well I did but I think I brought up a lot of my grades towards the end. The only class I’m truly worried about is Collateral design, and it’s my fault for taking that alongside Portfolio. BAD decision.

I may try to get some photos today, if possible. I desperately need to update my Etsy.

That’s all for now…update again soon!


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