Shop Update and Labor Day Weekend!

These two scarves are handmade by me! Click on the photos to see their Etsy pages 🙂

SO! How was everyone’s Labor Day?! Mine was great! My best friend and I went down to Pickens, South Carolina to spend time with my parents. And I took TONS of pictures!

This is the small garden on the side of the house.

And this is my sweet mother!

My awesome dad!

They are the best ❤

So, we raise chickens for their eggs. My dad built by hand the chicken coop and pen!

Yep. That, my friends, my father built himself. Oh, and that handsome fella is my best friend Kyle, a talented musician in the Wilmington area and also has a pretty awesome fan base in Charlotte.

Yet he is a chicken head.

He fell in love with the chickens.

This is the pool. We spent hours floating on the foam floaters. It was so relaxing.

The entire property is 10 acres.

This is me. Vintage 70s-80s sundress, wedge heels from Macys, Straw hat stolen from my mom! Cabernet Sauvignon in the cup.

Here is the beautiful, beautiful house.

So my weekend was great! Now I’m sitting at home, writing this post, watching Ellen, drinking fruit juice, and trying to get motivated to work out or something. I hope everyone is safe and had a fun weekend, and if you’re here in NC stay safe during these storms!


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