Early Morning Sunlight

I have been up since 5:40 AM. I usually get up around 6:15 for my 8 AM classes but I had a really scary nightmare…night terror actually. It was about zombies. Not like Zombieland, more like…I don’t know one of those scary ones. And then I got attacked by one and woke up still feeling the pain I felt in the dream 😦 😦 I didn’t like it! And I couldn’t bring myself to go back to bed…so it was coffee and lights on time.

Yesterday I made a Polyvore set for Summer 2011. It’s been so ridiculously hot…hot to where two steps outside and I feel like I need a shower. So to make myself feel better about that and particularly right now after that awful nightmare, I’m going to post it here!


Priestley’S Vintage Natasha Pale Blue Lace Dress
Priestley’S Vintage Anna Pink Dress
1930s Vintage Dresses at Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing
Eberjey Annie Bralet
Vintage Notch Your Average Flat
GINGER | Vintage Eyewear | MOSCOT Originals
Treasure Hunt for high-style vintage clothing at Vintage Textile
I am ridiculously in love with the 1930’s sundress! I wish it was more affordable or I would be on that like moths to a flame. The Bralet is only $36 though!

Though I am really in no position to spend money at all haha.

So there is my summer wish list that is more like a dream list. I will be adding to the shop soon!



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