An Apple a Day

This is kind of an experimental post, I guess. I started this project the other day with green tea, and it turned out very light and slightly sweet. I made another today with apple tea and I gotta say…it’s very delicious!

So basically it’s a modified form of sweet tea. Like I said earlier today I absolutely despise sweet tea (except Firefly because….well…to be blunt, it has vodka in it=D) even though I am a Southerner. Though can I even call myself that? I’ve lived so many places…you know what? Curse it. I’m a Southerner.

Okay so first things first. Get an apple. Depending on how much you make, one should be good. I honestly don’t have measurements since I kinda winged this.

So, one apple. Cut it and peel it.

Mmmmmm sweet apples 🙂

Its okay if a little skin is still there, but try to get most of it off. Then, get your favorite apple flavored tea. I used this one, I believe it is Bigelow brand:

I know it says apple cider but it’s tea 🙂

So I used four bags for about half a gallon. Slowly bring the water up to a boil. put it a little above medium, otherwise it just wont be right.

You can start seeing the color of the tea: this one was a deep red. So pretty!

So, bring it to a boil. Let it boil for a couple minutes, and then turn it to low or a bit above. Then, add the apples immediately.

I brought it back up to a boil, I just felt that would be the best way to um…get the apple flavor out of the apples? hehe

Can you tell I made this up as I went along? Y’all probably hate me right now.

Okay so you can add the agave whenever, but I add it towards the end when it cools off so I can taste it. I choose agave cause it doesn’t need to dissolve, like sugar, and it’s way healthier 🙂

Remove the apples!

I tasted a boiled apple…it was strange….I cant describe it. Not bad but…weird haha.

Look at the pretty color!

I love the deep red it became…mmm I wanted to drink it then! But it was still a little too hot. This was before I added agave.

Nice happy family!

So I only made half because I wasn’t sure how it’d turn out (amazing, is the answer to that!) and because I have some projects for school to do 😦

But it’s really good chilled! Light, sweet, apple-y, and great for summer or fall! I wish I had some cinnamon, that would make it perfect!

And with that I bid you adieu…


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