Random Update

My marketing teacher likes to talk. A lot. To the point where after two hours, for the next two I just can’t find the strength to pay attention. He doesn’t even really teach, he just tells us stories from his marketing days back in the 80s.

Done with my little rant. I’ve been brainstorming about what else I can introduce to my blog besides reviews and shop updates

I do a lot or work in the kitchen: Homemade iced teas (NOT sweet tea, which, though I am a Southerner, I can’t stand), soups, salads, vegetable dishes, lean meat dishes (as of recently, as I stated before I am an on and off veggie)…just a ton of stuff. So I was thinking that I’d do cooking posts. It seems like a fun off-topic attribute to the blog. Maybe I will also create a recipe page!


So what else is going on? I keep saying this. I have SO many new products! See, my camera is really old. And it doesn’t stay on, the settings wont stay set, the battery only lasts an hour even if I fully charge it…I’m hoping to get my friend Nick to take photos for me. He’s got a badass Rebel camera thing. Yeah.

I myself have “rebelled” (ha ha ha…puns…) and did my hair!

(Dress c/o Modcloth, though you can’t see it too well…)

I figure it’s the last time in my life I can really have funky colors in my hair, so why not? It’s already faded a bit, but that’s okay, I have plenty of it 🙂

And here is something fun. In a year, when I graduate, I am planning on relocating to sweet, sunny Wilmington. If all goes as planned, my best friend Jake and I will be getting a two bedroom apartment. I want to stress how amazing the apartment is. First let me show you location.

The A is the complex. It’s right near a Food Lion, a bar, and a Dunkin Donuts. All walking distance.

The second circle is a Salvation Army. Always good. And up the road is a flea market, and about fifteen minutes into downtown is a Habitat for Humanity. So this is going to be good. But there is a big creepy cemetery right behind the complex…-chills-.

But here is the best part:

Yup. 20 minutes from the ocean. 20 minutes from pretty Wrightsville beach.

Sometime before I graduate I will go take a trip down there with my mom and Jake and we will check out the area, see the job market, talk to the people at the apartment office, etc. I’m planning on just getting a job somewhere random before finding a “real” job. Maybe I’ll be a waitress at that bar. Tips are always nice. We weren’t allowed tips at Panera.

My best friend Kyle lives in Wilmington. He’s informed me of all the great things there…and the best part (besides the ocean) is that I will finally be able to go see him play more often! He only comes to Charlotte so many times…and I miss seeing his live shows. I will be doing a music review soon, because local artists must be supported, and he’s the best thing North Carolina has created!

Okay…so…I guess I’ll go stare at this power point presentation….it’s only the sixtieth one my teacher has shown today….


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