Blog Review: The ‘Que and Brew

I was vegan for about five years.

It was an incredibly rewarding diet, and someday I plan on diving back into it. Right now I kind of vacillate between pescotarian and meat-eater, since I’m anemic and unless I have the budget to do veganism correctly, it could hurt me. And right now that budget doesn’t exist.

Why am I talking about this? Well, I’m going to stray away from fashion (again) and talk about one of the best things about the South…barbecue, or, more specifically, Chris Motte’s more-than-efficient skill of barbecue and smoking EVERYTHING to absolute perfection.

For example, here is a little true story. My brother and I were headed to Pickens, SC where my parents reside (I will probably review their house in a post in the future….because it is freaking beautiful) for Thanksgiving. We had to stop at his condo that he shared with my sister and her boyfriend (The famous Chris Motte).

He had to go upstairs to pack, and, like a wonderful host, pulled a giant turkey out of the fridge.

“Chris smoked this for fifteen hours…have a few bites while I pack,” he said ever so innocently. Twenty minutes later he comes back downstairs to find me standing over the turkey with a fork shoveling the perfect, smoked meat into my mouth. Which I had been doing for twenty minutes. I had to literally tear myself away.

So anyway, if that isn’t an example I don’t know what is. So Chris started a blog called The ‘Que and Brew. It is still kind of up-and-coming, but he and my sister post very carefully to make sure their posts, stories, and instructions are, like his work, perfect.

Since they are moving to Chicago as we speak, the blog is still small and on a tiny hiatus. But, I’d like to share it, because it is beautiful.

This is his Smoke’N Pit. And there is some of what is probably mesquite wood. (I honestly don’t know how most of this works so bear with me haha).

Here is some pork. Bask in it.

Symptoms include watery mouth, grumbling stomach, and smiles.

They talk about smoking everything, even cheese! I’d love to try some home-smoked cheese. Oh my god.

I really hope they post more…because I’d love to see this blog grow! So if you’re interested, please keep up with it!


2 responses to “Blog Review: The ‘Que and Brew

  1. Awesome. Even though we’re a thousand miles away, your words bring vinegary, smoky, decadently tasting memories to mind… And obviously, the yearning for beautiful vintage fare such as yours, dear sister 😉

  2. 🙂 🙂 I miss you bunches!!

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