Blog Review: Blooming Leopold

My life is a hectic mess lately haha. But I have a sinus infection, which means downtime finally. I meant to do this a while ago but Spring quarter started and things got really crazy really fast.

This is my first blog review…and I hope I’m doing it right!

I have been reading a blog called Blooming Leopold for quite some time now. It’s authored by a young lady named Lauren, and along with being cute as a button (and having the most fabulous hair EVER), she is very talented at altering vintage clothing and sewing from patterns. She has a keen sense of matching and accessorizing as well, and beautiful photos taken by her husband portray her talents for all of us to see 🙂

(Ohhhh it’s thundering outside!! =D I love me some thunder!)


The vintage clothing Lauren finds/alters/creates are perfect. They are feminine and pretty. Sometimes they have a classic feel,  or a Victorian edge. Sometimes they feel a little more modern.  What I like best is how original they are, and how inspirational. Personally, Blooming Leopold is the blog that has inspired me the most, which is why I wanted to use it as my first blog review.

I also love how her photos are placed. She brings her outfits out into her surroundings, so we can see them juxtaposed in the world instead of just on a hanger or body form.

This photo reminds me of a yearbook photo I saw at my old high school from the fifties. I’ve never seen fifties schoolgirl pulled off so well! The saddle shoes and frilly socks just make it.

Along with showing her beautiful clothes, she gives little tutorials, like how to tea or coffee stain tags (a method which could be used for any paper product).

I love how she mixes vintage with modern as well, like this thrifted dress and Urban Outfitters shoes. Also, these photos make me want to move to Nashville, badly. Charlotte is so dreary lately 😦

Lauren has so many photos! They are all beautiful. I wish I could just repost them all, but make sure to visit her blog, Blooming Leopold, and also her Etsy shop which is full of wonderful things!

So, for some great inspiration check out her blog and Etsy shop!

I hope everyone had a great day! I’m going to lay down, watch The Office Reruns, listen to the thunder, and drink some orange juice!


2 responses to “Blog Review: Blooming Leopold

  1. thanks so much for the feature, stephanie! 🙂 I’m really honored and flattered by your words, and I’m so glad I could influence you into blogging. you’re wonderful.

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