I’m Here!

Sorry for not posting for a while. Things got a little hectic here in my Charlotte life.

First things first…. -drumroll-…..

I quit my job.

Since August of 2009, I had been working at Panera. I’ve had my ups and downs over there, but this was definitely the best decision. The job itself was easy and not bad, and I liked everyone I worked with. But I am terrible with multitasking. And my grades in school are showing it.

So I negotiated with my parents. They are going to help me out as long as I study study study and A) get my grades up and B) take more classes and try to graduate earlier than planned.

SO. As much as it’s going to kind of suck not having an income, at the same time I can’t wait to be unemployed! Though I’ll be doing schoolwork most of the time, I’ll have more time to read and relax. =] Stress off my shoulders! My last day there is May 22.

Also, I can put my turquoise streaks back in my hair =D

Okay, second thing. My goal for this next week (besides getting my homework done) is to hem my skirt, and take pictures of glorious vintage clothing. I also talked to Lauren, the cute-as-pie author of Blooming Leopold, and will be doing a blog review of her soon. I can’t wait to, because she’s so talented! Okay I gotta stop or I’m going to end up reviewing her now, and I want to do an entire post 🙂

Today I feel better. Yesterday was the most hectic day of my life and ended up with me bursting into tears as soon as I got in my car after work (everyone talking to me trying to close down while I was still helping customers, I’m sensitive to a lot of people talking, it jumbles up my head), the meeting going over too long, being dizzy, I had monster cramps and my iphone stopped working and needed to be restored which lost me a lot of my stuff on there. But I had a few glasses of wine, slept well, and now I’m A-Okay!

All righty then…prepare yourselves for more over the next week, if all goes as planned.


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