Even Cartoons Got Style

Well, since I still don’t have photos of my new stuff yet (damn camera doesn’t seem to want to charge up) I’m going to do yet another character review.

Have you ever watched Daria? Well, there is one episode in season four I believe called “Life in the Past Lane” where Jane meets this guy Nathan who is obsessed with vintage living. It’s really a brilliant episode, even if Nathan is a little too obsessed and wont even let Jane “mix eras”.

Anyway, even though it’s a cartoon the style was great!


Sorry for the grainyness, but here is one of the outfits. I love what she said in this scene, “I mean, I’m wearing a snooooood”. Just the way she said it made me giggle haha. But I love her hair the most here, that cute little puff =]

Very simple outfit, but I love the headscarf. She was also wearing a white pleated skirt with this one but it was reallllyyy difficult to get a photo of it.

This is when they went to the 30s style bar that used to be a speakeasy. Like I said before, despite the fact that it’s a cartoon, I can tell they did a lot of research.

I really wish this dress was real. Maybe I’ll attempt to make it when my sewing skills get better. And Nathan doesn’t look shabby either!

Once again, brilliant hair. I think I could recreate this with some curlers and a curling iron, hairspray, and bobby pins.

Best one ever. Simple, elegant, with gorgeous hair.

I wish I had more photos but these were basically the only outfits, the episodes were only 20 minutes long.

So there you go. Even cartoons can have serious style. I don’t really agree with Nathan’s personality though. It kind of gave vintage enthusiasts a bad name. But, I suppose they needed some sort of conflict.

Anyways, hopefully my camera will start working soon. I have a lot to show!


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