I’m going to steer away from fashion today, and write a little rant.

I’m actually hesitant to rant, mainly because every time I express myself publicly when I’m a little upset there is always someone there to shush me. I don’t understand that. At all. People tell me it makes me seem bitter or angry all the time. Why is that? Being angry sometimes is a natural human emotion. I’m not like that all the time. In fact, I’m pretty happy most of the time. And I’m a person that a lot of bad stuff has happened to in the past. If I can keep MY chin up and only get angry at the appropriate times that I do, I don’t see that as bitter.

Maybe I want to express myself sometimes, let out my anger the only way I know how: words.

Is that so wrong?

I vented on facebook last night about someone who was rude to me in a restaurant. And that started a slew of people telling me not to post that kind of thing, because it makes me “look bad”. I didn’t cuss, I didn’t sloppily write insults. I merely commented on the behavior of society. BFG.

I’d look worse if I had no emotion whatsoever. My intense emotions are what fuel me. Should I zombify myself to make everyone else happy? No.

So if you are unhappy with who I am and the way my brain and body work, I deeply apologize.

And with that I big you adieu.


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