We’re going to talk about Angela Martin for a moment.

Do any of you watch The Office? Angela Martin is the cold hearted shrew played by the talented Angela Kinsey. However, despite looking like a serious grandmother on some episodes, on certain episodes, she dresses VERY well.

For some reason it’s hard to get a full body shot of her. But I’m pretty happy with what I did get.

First, her hair:

Very lovely and classic styles! I especially love the last one. I wonder how they did it? When my hair gets longer I think I’ll attempt it.

And who can forget the vintage-y plastic rain wrap she wore when the bat got in? Lol!

I love the clasps and thick black bottom of this short cardigan.

And here, the flowers are just darling!

Puff sleeves for the win, even though she’s kind of a party pooper…

This is my favorite. Running in the rain after the new boss (“I’m aware of the affect I have on women”) I love the lace, the buttons, and the ribbon tie =]

I absolutely love this, especially the trim on the sleeves!

And these drooped puffed sleeves are gorgeous with the tighter part at the bottom.

Victorian style, really pretty frills and cinching!

I love the little buttons on the bottom of the sleeves. I wish the collar was different though.

I LOVE this from Phyllis’s wedding…very classic look.

Minus the tacky nutcracker pin, and probably a different collar, this is really pretty as well.

Even the way she sits is feminine and classical. I just love her, and her wardrobe. I’d love to alter some of it, mainly the collars, and add some waist skirts and heels.

Even Phyllis goes to Casino Night with a Flapper inspired look!

And of course, my favorite part ever:

=D =D =D


2 responses to “Angela

  1. GIRL. I’ve always loved Angela’s wardrobe! I think the pillbox hat wins. ❤

  2. Fo sho!

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