Well, not REAL jewels, but jewels in my eyes 🙂

This is a vintage choker, circa 1983. The ornate butterfly has beautiful rhinestone detailing, and I love the way it rests around the neck!

The tiny clasp is the best part of this beautiful strand of snow white beads! It’s so delicate and feminine.

These are just bright and fun! Also from the great decade of the 80s!

These will be going to Etsy quite soon. I’m excited to introduce more jewelry! I had a few pieces up a while ago and they all sold very well, especially my strand of 60s love beads. I kind of miss those, but they were definitely a find, and I love sharing and I hope the woman who bought them loves them!

That’s it for now, oh and if it was a little confusing, to get to my Etsy from here you can either click the link above the header that says “Etsy” and then click the picture, or click the link in the link roll on the right hand side of the blog! 🙂


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