Going to Etsy!

These will be my newest additions to my Etsy! (I need to go home and measure them before I post)

Vintage Pink 1940s – 1950s pink ILGWU Jacket

A Floral Wrap Skirt, circa 1980s – 1990s! Very cute for over a swim suit or a day at the beach!

And my very favorite…


An incredible 1980s sweater! Just look at the epicness of this piece…

Love it. Don’t want to sell it. But I should share it!









(All photos by Amanda!)

I have jewelry I need to post as well but it got too dark before we got pictures of those.

These pieces are absolutely amazing! The jacket is a gem. There are a few spots on the sleeve, but it’s so well preserved for it’s date. The main tag had been cut out but research showed me roundabout how old it is. The company that made it hasn’t existed for a long, long time! Perfect for over a cute dress or with jeans. It’s tiny though. I’m a bit voluptuous, and I can’t button it =[ I haven’t measured it yet but I soon will! I’m at Amanda’s now, so we’ll see how far we get with measuring.

The wrap skirt is flowy and feminine. Wear it with a bikini and you’ll feel like you’re in Hawaii! And the pockets are great. There’s a hole in one of them, that I will mend very soon.

The sweater…Oh my goodness the sweater….How can you resist that? The shape…the shoulder pads….the design….I could die of happiness! Jeans, skirts, leggings, jeggings, heels, flats, oh my word….. -dies-

Okay so that’s it for now. FOR NOW I SAY!

Goodnight 🙂


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